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September 2011 Monthly e-Newsletter
"Remembering the Fallen"
By Terrence Daryl Shulman

                               In Remembrance of 9/11/01 

August 1--Mr. Shulman's 4th book Cluttered Lives, Empty Souls: Compulsive Stealing, Spending and Hoarding is published. See for info and ordering.

August 1--Mr. Shulman was a guest on Canadian Broadcast Corporation's radio show "The Current" See:

August 1-Mr. Shulman had a featured article on hoarding disorder in Together Arizona magazine. See:

August 12--Mr. Shulman was a guest on Canada's radio station from Vancouver, about shoplifting. and see 8/12/11 at 2pm EST.

August--Mr. Shulman is featured in September Allure Magazine (p.114) on shoplifting addiction.

August--Mr. Shulman is working with Anderson Cooper on a segment about shoplifting addiction.

September 4--Mr. Shulman discusses compulsive theft, spending and hoarding on metro-Detroit cable station WADL's "Schwartz's Law" program. 

September 7--Mr. Shulman interviewed via Skype on shopping addiction for The Daily. 

September 8--Mr. Shulman to be interview on Michigan Entrepreneur network.

September 8--Mr. Shulman speaks on compulsive shopping/hoarding at Inner Wisdom, Southfield, MI.

September 15--Mr. Shulman speaks on hoarding disorder at Franklin Public Library, Franklin, MI.


Mr. Shulman's 4th book Cluttered Lives, Empty Souls: Compulsive Stealing, Spending and Hoarding is now available for purchase at or or by contacting Mr. Shulman directly.

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The Shulman Center will conduct an all-day conference in Detroit Saturday October 1, 2011. The Third International Conference on Compulsive Theft, Spending and Hoarding will cover shoplifting addiction, kleptomania, employee theft, compulsive shopping/overspending, and hoarding/cluttering disorders. Fee is $150 (includes breakfast & lunch). Space is filling fast! See:



Where were you the morning of Tuesday September 11, 2001? Like me and most of us, I bet that's a date and time few of us will forget. I was on the tail-end of a very difficult period of transition in my life. Earlier that year, I'd quit my job as the director of a counseling clinic to finish writing my first book "Something for Nothing: Shoplifting Addiction and Recovery" and to launch my own private practice. By mid-2011, I was broke and having panic attacks, wondering what would become of my hopes and dreams. Fortunately, I had returned to therapy and had reestablished some semblance of groundedness when those planes hit those towers. I was working at the counseling clinic I had left and come back to. I can only imagine what those clients in early treatment and recovery must have felt as we turned on the TV and watched in shock what unfolded. 

In those few hours, life as we knew it changed. Pearl Harbor must have been a shock but the attack on 9/11 was even more shocking. And as the 10th anniversary approaches, I feel called to remember the fallen--those 3,000 souls who died in the attacks as well as the family and friends of those fallen. And I weep for our nation, or world, as we began the 21st century with such violence and counter-violence--a reign of terror and war on terror over the last decade has claimed scores of lives and left untold trauma on us all. Now, here we are--10 years later: a financially bankrupt country, thousands dead, and still in a war with no end in sight. Here we are... wondering if we'll be attacked again and, if so, how badly. We lost more than lives on 9/11, we lost a part of our soul. We came together for a short time and, I suspect, we'll do so again to mark the 10th Anniversary; yet, it seems we have also met the enemy and it is us. We are in a sort of Civil War among ourselves in our politics and in our souls. 

May we remember the fallen... and that includes us all.


It is with deep shock and sadness that I share the recent passing of a good friend and fellow recovering shoplifter, Rina L. from the Los Angeles area. Rina was in her early 50's and was very active yet suffered a severe brain aneurysm and fell into a coma. With friends and family who flew in from Malaysia by her side, she was taken off life support and transitioned peacefully. Rina and I first met in 2004 when she called me for help with her shoplifting addiction. Her story is in my most recent book, Cluttered Lives, Empty Souls. I got to meet Rina several times over the years when I visited my younger brother in the L.A. area. Rina started a chapter of C.A.S.A. (Cleptomaniacs And Shoplifters Anonymous) nearly 4 years ago. I attended the meeting anytime I was in town. I was in awe of her leadership and how the group grew in numbers and in power. It was not uncommon for 20-30 members to show up for the Sunday afternoon meeting. I was looking forward to a possible visit this coming October. Rina was also a good friend and support to my brother, Sam. She beamed with life and light. She inspired others to seek recovery and joy and walked the walk. I will miss her. You won't be forgotten Rina. May you rest assured, our meeting is in good hands and your love and caring will never leave us.


I attended the fellowship portion of the Debtors Anonymous World Conference on Saturday August 20th here in my hometown of Detroit. The several day conference was organized and attended primarily by GSR's (general service representatives) of the various Debtors Anonymous chapters in North America. I was told that about 120 GSRs attended the conference to vote on various business matters and to network and share inspiration. I sat in on an open meeting and open talk and was moved by a middle-aged woman from Chicago's share about how it took her years to come to terms with her debting and 7 years to get out of debt. She also spoke about emotional and spiritual restitution and how everything is energy, including money, and how she's more balanced with her energy in recovery. See 


I drove about four hours south from Detroit to Columbus, Ohio on Friday August 19th to attend the third and final day of the 21st Annual Addiction Studies Institute. I met Curt Brown, one of the conference's founders and was told that there were about 1,000 conference attendees this year. I gave him a brochure and business card and told him about the unique work I'm doing and he told me they've never had any presentations on compulsive theft, spending or hoarding and to submit a proposal to present next year. I plan to do so. While at the conference I met many nice people from across the U.S. and attended three decent seminars on addiction and recovery. See


Over 1 Million Shoplifters & Dishonest Employees Apprehended in 2010 by 23 Major Retailers!

Wesley Chapel, FL — Shoplifters and dishonest employees stole over $7.0 billion in 2010 from just 23 major retailers, according to the 23rd Annual Retail Theft Survey conducted by Jack L. Hayes International, the leading loss prevention and inventory shrinkage control consulting firm. These 23 surveyed retailers apprehended over 1 million shoplifters and dishonest employees in 2010 and recovered more than $148 million from these thieves.

"For the first time in over 10 years, total shoplifter and dishonest employee apprehensions, and the dollars recovered from those apprehensions all declined from the previous year", said Mark R. Doyle, President of Jack L. Hayes International. "While surveyed retailers made almost a million shoplifting apprehensions, apprehended over 69,000 dishonest employees, and recovered over $148 million from these thieves in 2010, these numbers are all down slightly from the previous year. It appears the economy, fewer store employees, and less Loss Prevention staffing all played a role in these results." Mr. Doyle added, "Both shoplifting and employee theft continue to plague the retail industry, which results in higher prices to the consumer and can force companies to close unprofitable stores."

Highlights from this highly anticipated annual theft survey include:

  • Participants: 23 large retail companies with 19,104 stores and over $632 billion in retail sales (2010).
  • Apprehensions: 1,029,276 shoplifters and dishonest employees were apprehended in 2010, down 3.8% from 2009.
  • Recovery Dollars: Over $148 million was recovered from apprehended shoplifters and dishonest employees in 2010, down 7.3% from 2009.
  • Shoplifter Apprehensions: 959,903 shoplifters were apprehended in 2010, down 4.1% from 2009.
  • Shoplifter Recovery Dollars: Over $104 million was recovered from apprehended shoplifters in 2010, a decline 4.7% from 2009. An additional $33 million was recovered in 2010 from shoplifters where no apprehension was made, up a substantial 16.4% from 2009.
  • Employee Apprehensions: 69,373 dishonest employees were apprehended in 2010, down 0.4% from 2009.
  • Employee Recovery Dollars: Over $44 million was recovered from employee apprehensions in 2010, down 12.7% from 2009.
  • On a per company basis, one in every 33.2 employees was apprehended for theft from their employer in 2010. (Based on over 2.8 million employees.)
  • On a per case average, dishonest employees steal 5.9 times the amount stolen by shoplifters ($639.99 vs $108.46).

Jack L. Hayes International, Inc. has been in the Loss Prevention/Shrinkage Control consulting business for over 30 years, and is recognized on an international level as the foremost loss prevention and inventory shrinkage control consulting firm in the world. For more information on the survey/to contact Jack Hayes, see:


I was interviewed for an article that appears in this month's Allure Magazine entitled "Stealing Beauty" about mothers who shoplift for various reasons but, especially, for the high and for seeking something that is missing in their lives. The article is decent, though I wish more of my interview had been included. Instead, the article spotlight a professor and author of a new book on the cultural history of shoplifting, Rachel Shteir, who--in full disclosure--I have little respect for. Ms. Shteir, in my opinion, does a disservice to the very people about whom and for whom this article was written. The article reads:

For her part, Shteir is critical of efforts to categorize shoplifting as an addiction. During th 19th century, she says, when the first big American department stores were becoming popular, shoplifters would have spoken not of psychiatric symptoms, but of a fetish for beautiful objects, of things they had to have. "Now people connect their desire to steal to a personal trauma or divorce--they say, 'Oh, I had a death in the family,'" Shteir says. "Seeing it as an addiction is more comfortable, partly because of the way psychiatric illnesses are now insured. There's been a real shift in the culture. But it's the same act: People steal from stores because they want the things they see there."

Comment: I have to say that Ms. Shteir really shows her ignorance and insensitivity here. First, not all shoplifters are alike but the ones spotlighted in this article are those I'm very familiar with: I am a recovering shoplifter and I've been counseling recovering shoplifters for 15 years. Ms. Shteir is the kind of person who would continue to call alcoholics mere drunks, compulsive shoppers mere thing-obsessors, and compulsive overeaters mere gourmands. She shows her ignorance because for most addicted shoplifters, it's the stealing not what is stolen that provides the rush, the sense of satisfaction, the balancing out. Ms. Shteir is a theatre teacher and a hit-for-hire freelance writer. She is most well known for her books about strippers. She is not a therapist nor does she have a degree in psychology. She takes pot-shots at those who are vulnerable and who are opening up to tell their painful and shameful stories. She does not help the cause of education and rehabilitation of shoplifting addiction or kleptomania. See:

Check out our new online support group for compulsive shoppers/spenders and hoarders. Register at:

Check out our 1-hour employee theft online course. Learn why people commit employee theft, how to deter it, and how to confront it. See

New sites in progress! and


August / September 2011...

July 29, 2011--Mr. Shulman conducted a full-day in-service on compulsive theft, spending & hoarding at The State Bar of Michigan in Lansing, Michigan. 

August--Mr. Shulman was interviewed by Redbook Magazine for an article on financial infidelity.

August 1--Mr. Shulman's 4th book "Cluttered Lives, Empty Souls: Compulsive Stealing, Spending and Hoarding" is published. See for info and ordering.

August 1--Mr. Shulman was a guest on Canadian Broadcast Corporation's radio show "The Current" 

August 1-Mr. Shulman had a featured article on hoarding disorder in Together Arizona magazine. 

August 12--Mr. Shulman was a guest on Canada's radio station from Vancouver, about shoplifting addiction.

September 4--Mr. Shulman was interview about compulsive theft, spending and hoarding on metro-Detroit cable station WADL's "Schwartz's Law" program.

September--Mr. Shulman is featured in Allure Magazine (p. 114) on shoplifting addiction.

September 7-Mr. Shulman will be on an interview on shopping addiction via Skype for The Daily.

September 8--Mr. Shulman will be presenting a 90-minute interactive lecture on shopping and hoarding disorders from 7-8:30pm at Inner Wisdom Healing Center in Southfield, Michigan.

September 15--Mr. Shulman will be presenting a free 90-minute interactive lecture on hoarding disorder from 7-8:30pm at The Franklin (Michigan) Public Library.

September 26-28--Mr. Shulman will be attending The 24th Annual Foundations Recovery Network's "Power, Fame & Recovery" conference in Palm Beach, Florida.

October 2011 and beyond ...

October--Mr. Shulman will be featured in Reader's Digest Magazine (Canada) on shoplifting addiction.

October 1--Third International Conference on Compulsive Theft, Spending & Hoarding, Detroit, MI.

October 25--Mr. Shulman speaks on compulsive shopping/hoarding at Birmingham Community House, Birmingham, MI

November 4--Mr. Shulman to present day-long seminar on compulsive theft, spending and hoarding in Chicago, IL through Proctor Hospital/Illinois Institute for Addiction & Recovery.

December 1--Mr. Shulman speaks on compulsive theft/spending/hoarding at Detroit area Rotary Club. 


Mr. Shulman is assisting the Baton Rouge, Louisiana court system a court-ordered three hour, facilitated educational program for retail fraud offenders. The program is based on material from his book "Something for Nothing: Shoplifting Addiction and Recovery" (2003).

Mr. Shulman created a 1-hour employee theft online course with 360 Training. Learn why people steal from their jobs, how to deter it, prevent it, and what to do when confronted with it. See or enroll in course at:

Mr. Shulman is consulting on a major motion picture tentatively called "The Rush" in which the lead character is addicted to shoplifting and stealing.

Mr. Shulman created an online continuing education course on compulsive shopping and spending called "Bought Out and $pent!" based on his book and Power Point presentation. The course, offered through The American Psychotherapy Association, is available for purchase by APA members and non-members. CEUs are available. He's working on a therapist certification program in compulsive theft/spending. See:

Mr. Shulman collaborated with the Kingman, AZ courts with a court-ordered home-study program for retail fraud offenders. The program is based on his book Something for Nothing: Shoplifting Addiction and Recovery.

Mr. Shulman is consulting with an author who's writing a book about two kleptomaniacs who fall in love. 

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